National MLK $10 Challenge

It’s not a “Black thing” its the right thing!

Beloved Streets Of America is launching its 1st National Fundraising Campaign called

The MLK 10 Dollar Challenge!!

The mission is to revitalize streets that are bearing the name of the Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Our challenge is short and sweet to prove the point that we want these streets changed for others to prosper

Record a 1-minute video and donate $10

Challenge three others to record videos and donate $10 each

Click the upload to Youtube button to upload, as well as send it to us at

Keep up with donation values at so that you can help your state win our national fundraising contest!!!

Why the MLK $10 Challenge?

  • To cleanup, repair, and improve MLK Streets across the nation
  • Build new businesses
  • Create neighborhood parks
  • Produce urban agriculture
  • Bring in educational activities

What Should be on my Video?

  • Who you are with your full name
  • Where you are from
  • Why you joined the MLK $10 Challenge and why you gave your $10
  • What you think Dr. King stood for
  • What you want to see on MLK streets
  • Then challenge three others to make a video and donate the $10.
  • Lastly, close with our simple message:
    It’s not a black thing, it’s the right thing.

Where can I see Donation Values?

  • Calculator to manage donation values
  • United States map which is click-sensitive to show
    your state’s donations

What’s in it for the Winner?

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. monument
  • Legacy Park
  • Renovate an abandoned building
  • Or whatever is needed to recognize Martin Luther King in a positive manner on YOUR MLK street
  • This will be the start of revitalizing MLK streets across America, so JOIN THE CHALLENGE!

National MLK $10 Challenge Donation Map

With everyone’s participation we can transform our Beloved MLK Streets

If you want to send in the donations by check or money order or any other paper-based method, Please mail them to the following address

Beloved Streets of America, PO box 78341, St. Louis, MO 63178

CEO/Founder  Melvin White: (314) 814-1043

Click on a state to see it’s contribution to MLK Challenge


Click on a state to see the list of donors who contributed to the MLK Challenge and watch what they say about this initiative



Top Donor: Graham Hill

Contributed: $3000


Top Donor: Belinda Sacco

Contributed: $10


Top Donor: Lei Dai

Contributed: $10


Top Donor: Khlorese Walton

Contributed: $30



Top Donor: Eileen Lamber

Contributed: $100


Top Donor: Tresa Lavelle

Contributed: $10


Top Donor: Brianna Bennett

Contributed: $10


Top Donor: Terry Loving

Contributed: $10



Top Donor: Kahli Nelson

Contributed: $20